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Feeling Better Starts Here™

Feeling Better Starts Here

Potomac Grove Psychiatry has provided
psychiatric services and psychotherapy to
adults (18 yrs.+) for 30 years. 

We offer you a full range of 
mental health services:
  • We assess your needs from a comprehensive perspective: medical, psychological, social, and spiritual. 

  • Our unique "treatment team" approach ensures that you benefit from the experience of our entire staff.

  • Our clinicians meet on a weekly basis to consult with one another; and we help coordinate the care of our patients who are also in treatment with other health care practitioners. 

Dr. Louis E. Kopolow and Judy Tyson, Ph.D.are co-directors of  Potomac Grove Psychiatry. Dr. Kopolow is nationally recognized as a psychopharmacologist for his clinical, educational, and research activities. He also is a skilled psychotherapist. Dr. Tyson, a psychotherapist, educator, and consultant, has developed and directed treatment programs and served locally and nationally as consultant for many mental health projects.  Both Drs. Kopolow and Tyson have specialized training and experience in hypnotherapy.

The clinical team  at PGP have post-graduate education, training, and extensive experience in their areas of specialty. They stay current in their fields of expertise. One of our psychiatrists speaks Spanish and Portuguese. 

Potomac Grove Clinical Trials, our research center, offers innovative programs for depression treatment , anxiety treatment, and attention problems -- at no cost -- to patients who qualify to be involved in a study. If you, or any one you know, struggles with depression, we are conducting a clinical research study that might be of interest to you:  Recurring Depression.

Potomac Grove Psychiatry’s clinical and administrative staff work together with a commitment to provide high quality mental health care. Our administrative staff is responsive, supportive, and respectful.Patients feel welcomed and experience our staff as responsive, supportive, and respectful. We return calls promptly. And we offer new evaluation appointments within 5 - 8 business days of your call to us. 

Mental health treatment is costly. In order to offer affordable care, most of our clinicians participate with some insurance plansCall 301-963-0060, email us or use the contact form with questions or to make an appointment. To make an appointment with Dr. Kopolow in ourBethesda office call 301-963-0060. 

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Dr. Kopolow created these self-assessments to help you learn more about a variety of concerns. They show you whether your answers are similar to those of people who have problems with that particular concern.
Insomnia/Sleep/Energy Concerns
Couples/Marriage Concerns
Anger Awareness 
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) 
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder 
Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Social Anxiety Disorder

This is





• You have had depression before

• You are depressed now

• Your depression medication isn't working


Maybe it's time for a change


You may be eligible for a clinical research study on Treatment-Resistant Depression


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Dr. Louis E. Kopolow is recognized as a Top Doctor in the U.S. by Consumers' Checkbook
a highly-respected non-profit publication.



Learn about strategies and resources that can help you take positive steps on your journey to health. Read Dr. Kopolow's blog. 

Take an interactive self-assessment to learn more about your concerns. 

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